La Tribune en parle :


ˆThe very discreet camera , abided in the glasses, allows to carry accurate mystery visits, filming all elements: :

- cleanliness of the shop
- queuing files
- general atmosphere
- relationship with the shop-keepers

Indeed, it is now possible to film, without talking before, a person if respecting the 4 Esomar recommendations. :

A) Immediately after the filming period, we have to disclose that we are carrying a mystery shopping survey 

B) We must clearly reveal the identity of the final client and explain gently the reason why it was not possible to tell before that is was a research, pointing out the quality and honesty of the collected information 

C) Give the possibility to the filmed person to destroy immediately the video tape if needed 

D) If accepted by the filmed person, with a written permission, go through a face to face interview, using the video tape, being agreed that the anonymat of respondent will be strictly respected especially with their employer, providing this person with a written protection letter.