Advertising Pre tests and post tests in a real situation:



Caravan tests with DVD devices in order show the consumer some projects of commercials.,
Each commercial is included in an up to date screen of 12 other commercials

On at random sample is recruited by our PLM Market Research interviewers from the street according to their status, ownership, etc…

A studio close to the consumer

Consumers corresponding to our quota are invited to participate to an in depth interview in our mobile studio.
Video + computer in order to optimise the measurement
Thanks to its equipments, PLM Market Research is able to carry well targeted interviews and carry very accurate advertising tests very close to the real situation

Real situation
TV commercials are always tested through a video which shows a complete TV advertising less in with up to date commercials. 



A tool to measure:

- impact
- attraction
- developed image
- brand or product attribution
- motivation (test, purchase)

Determination of an advertising efficiency index



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Brand attribution
Product attribution
Purchase or try intention
Advertising Efficiency coefficient