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Obserview® in Situ assisted by the electronic eye.

  Nowadays, the only way to have a better understanding of the consumer's real motivations is to capture his/her natural behaviour in the sales points with a view to avoiding any possible biases. When confronting the consumer with this record, the likelihood to reach his/her deeper and hidden motivations is much more significant. Hence, the quality of the insight you get turns out to bear no comparison with what would otherwise get with more traditional forms of tests. This technique experienced a breakthrough thanks to the conception of glasses equipped with a light and very discrete micro-camera connected to a DV recorder.




  This very light material (less than 2 kilos) makes it possible for PLM interviewers to use this technique anywhere (molls, retailers, vicinity shops…).

  The method that will be adopted will be chosen according to marketing sets of issues. Two different types of methods are usually privileged :
- In-depth study of the customer-vendor relation
- Analysis of purchasing behaviour in self-service retail points

One can contemplate two different kinds of scenarios: Either it is the interviewee that is equipped with the filming glasses and hence it is his/her vision that will be analysed, or it is a PLM Market Research Interviewer that will be wearing the glasses and film the action


Phase I
An interviewer is in charge of a consumer. The consumer wears glasses fixed with a micro camera.
Phase II
During the use of glasses, the consumer walks around naturally to record his own eye movement.
Phase III
We put out the glasses, take the recording. We install the consumer in front of a desk to continue the qualitative interview. First questions are based on the motivation of the consumer before he gets in the corner.

Phase IV
The all recording is shown to the consumer. A qualitative interview is directed by the interviewer. The consumer explains the reasons of his attitude, motivation on each point of fixation and he justifies his modification of his behavior.
  Phase V
Once the all interviews carried out, a replaying is realized with a data capture. A global analysis is done to work out a report with recommendation.