PLM Market Research is present in the Agropole Campus in Agen    
Always looking for improvement of our service in the field of processed food, PLM Market Research has just opened a new office in the Agropole Campus in Agen

In addition of the usual research techniques, we can now carry organoleptic tests thanks to:

- A spécial equipment of 36 stables for testing and sensorial analysis, with the full COFRAC agreement, at the same time

- A twin panel with "new born" and "expert" panelists, recruitable at any time.
The specificity of épicurial® Test® compared to classical organoleptic tests in addition to appreciation of the product according to each componant, and the level of satisfaction with this item, PLM Marketing Research adds :

The level of pleasure given with this product and the purchasing intention at a determined price
1 – Determine criteria which are the most important according to the consumer himself.

Coefficient of contribution to the final grade
Significant's item compare to the final gade
The way you feel it in your mouth after some seconds
Items that have a strong contribution to the final mark
Delicate taste
Fruit taste
Items that contributate moderatly to the final mark
Firts impressions in your mouth
Items that have a low contribution to the final mark
Degree of alcohol
Color of the wine
Non significative items

2 – Evaluate the product according to some criteria, and according to the importance given by the consumer himself to these criteria.


3 – How to determin the psychological price compared to the rest of the offer in this market.

 Purchasing intention at a fixed price

 Purchasing intention for regular consumers