Ad hoc researches
    Mix product diagnosis
Satisfaction/Loyalty/CRM Researches
Benchmark researches…



Advertising tests
    Advertising measurement
Brand equity researches
Awareness researches
Advertising pre/post tests
Logo tests
Point of sale tests
Claim tests
TV commercials tests
Billboards tests
Radio commercials tests
Internet commercials tests


Product tests
    Positioning tests
Organoleptic tests
Sniff tests
Concept tests
Range tests
Name tests
New product concept tests
Packaging tests
Price tests


Market researches
    Market size researches
Product/Target researches


Internal researches
    Sales-force audits
House organs audits
Internal communication audits
Motivation researches
Internal climate audits


Online researches
    Audience researches
Online qualitative


Purchase researches
    Behavior researches
Purchasing acts observation
Usages and attitudes researches


Health researches
    Behavior researches
Prescribing researches
Health observatory
Hospital/Clinics researches
Sales folders tests


Marketing researches
    Research of distribution and its efficiency
Merchandising researches


Creation and Innovation
    Brand names creation
Prospective researches (new products, services)


    Market simulation test
Media plan optimization
Product mix optimization
Customers’ satisfaction
Merchandizing strategy
Positioning strategy
Pricing strategy


    Home placement tests
In hall rack tests
Mystery shopping
Store checks


Economy & Planning
    Researches of local collectivity