A department specially dedicated to healthcare researches



PLM Healthcare is a member of A.S.O.C.S (Association of Opinion and behaviour research companies in the health field)


For more than 22 years, PLM Healthcare has been carrying healthcare researches (with the help of external physicians (Docteur Pineau, Docteur Henry, Docteur Contremoulins) such as:


- Prescription attitude researches

- International healthcare researches

- Health observatory

- Hospital panels

- Sales folder tests...

We can interfer with all kind of target groups:

  - Physicians (GPS, specialists, hospital based, private office based)

- Patients (tall kind of deseases)

- Nurses

- Pharmacists (hospital based, shop based)

- Dentists...

Our institute is at the peak of all what talks about public health, as we currently work for the Haute Autorité de Santé (Health High Authority) for audit report for hospitals and private hospitals: (see methodology)

PLM Healthcare also helps hospitals when setting up satisfaction surveys with:

- Patients of these hospitals: a specific satisfaction questionnaire has been established which can be felt in with telephone interviews or through Internet. The survey frequency is up to you so that you can set up genuine satisfaction barometers (evolution comparison for each wave, or for each department....)

- External physicians, nurses, physiotherapists...

- Internal employees in the hospital

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