PLM Market Research is a 100% independant institute, founded in 1987 by Philippe Lespinet HEC 79 graduated

Philippe Lespinet - chairman

PLM Market Research is ESOMAR member since 1987, and therefore we do apply the deontologic and ethic code especially for all what concerns anonymity of interviewed persons and quality of basic information. these two points being a permanent preoccupation for our teams. This ESOMAR code is available here

PLM Market Research works in France with offices, call centers and moderation rooms in Paris and Agen (nearby Toulouse) but also in the rest of the world with offices in London and Sao Paulo.

We have also built an international network of market research companies in Europe, North and south America. All of them are ESOMAR members.

We can deal with B to B researches as well with B to C researches in all fields but politic.

Our approach:


A successful and an accomplished research starts by a mutual exploration with the client and an in depth scrutiny of the cause of the problem.

It is thus necessary, as a first step to reformulate accurately the request, with the company commisioning the research, in order to determine the problem well and to propose a methodology able to clarify all the aspects of the problem.

This phase which may seem slightly boring is very essential, as it allows to obtain an optimal result at a good price.

''Let's us be sure of the fact before we concern ourselves with the cause''.

Fontenelle(1657-1757) The Tooth of Gold


PLM Market Research have adopted this quotation as a motto in such a way as to guarantee its clients a primary collection of reliable and useful information. This concerns with the quality of primary information is found throughout all the qualitative and quantitative studies performed by PLM Market Research.

Ultimately, it is not possible to construct large strategies on a base that is not entirely reliable..

How to obtain this quality of primary data?

In a practical way, PLM Market Research set a charter of constraining quality, but guarantor of an irreproachable quality of basic information.

1) All the questionnaires are tested before being launched, by a permanent employee at PLM Market Research.

2) All the interviewers are briefed ''de visu'', and not by correspondence, by a permanent member of PLM Market Research, especially in the case of surveys done in the provinces or abroad.

3) Each interviewer performs ''without anything'' at least one questionnaire as a training task before administering his quota of questionnaires.

4)There is a double data entry of the questionnaires for double verification.

5) 30% of the questionnaires of each interviewers are controlled

For qualitative researches :

1) All the consumers participating in our focus groups are ''inexperienced''. This means that they have never taken part in any previous focus groups previously neither at PLM Market Research nor with any other institute of studies in order to guarantee a reliable analysis of their speech, especially for what concerns the projective phases.

2) There is a transcription of all tapes before analysis.


Putting the results to easy use

PLM Market Research interest is to have an exploitable and exploited study. The worst which can arrive indeed at a study is of sommeiller at the bottom of a drawer.

To achieve this they put in lot of efforts for the compilation of the final report and also on the presentation of the results.

==> For the qualitative one:

- use of clear language.
- include a lot of verbatims.
- clear explanations with schemes.

==> For the quantitative one :

- photographs for all phases of the study.
- colour graphs.
- all results are presented with significance tests.
- synthetic graphs and tables.
- synthetic and operational reports of direction.