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Why Qualitatives In-depth Qualitatives Studies ?


10 cases of mistaken concepts which have strongly costed to advertisers, which could have been avoided with a qualitative in-depth study.
Less than 10.000€ study to avoid millions loss.

  Legislation on marketing studies required a 10 years period of strict confidentiality, so the cases described by PLM Market Research, are all more than 10 years old, although very recent cases have met the same problems.

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CAS 2 - Un concept antinomique

- La Choucroute de la Mer




La choucroute

Un repas festif,
gras certes mais revigorant
surtout en hiver.


Les Produits de la Mer

Des prodits sains, maigres,
bons pour la santé mais peu
caloriques et peu festifs.


La choucroute de la mer, malgré de multiples lancements et même avec des recettes variées... c'est un Echec.

2 groupes qualitatifs en profondeur, utilisant les techniques projectives nous avaient clairement montré que les portraits
du "PHILE" celui qui aime la choucroute et la choucroute de de la mer étaient diamétralement opposés.



Posted on 18 Feb 2014 by PLM
by Aira @ 04 Jul 2022 11:57 pm
I was educated in the '60s and learned math up though differential equations. Now retired, I would guess that not 1 out of 100 jobs require knowledge of even basic algebra. What I find is that most people can't quite grasp fractions, percentages, and prioartipnoloty and at least half the population can't grasp these at all. These subjects need to be repeated ad nauseum. Geometry, trig, algebra, calculus are a complete waste for all but that top 1% who will actually need them in their working life.
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