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Why Qualitatives In-depth Qualitatives Studies ?


10 cases of mistaken concepts which have strongly costed to advertisers, which could have been avoided with a qualitative in-depth study.
Less than 10.000€ study to avoid millions loss.

  Legislation on marketing studies required a 10 years period of strict confidentiality, so the cases described by PLM Market Research, are all more than 10 years old, although very recent cases have met the same problems.

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CAS 6 - Un concept basé sur un postulat faux au départ

- la re-création de l'état d'Israël.


Au sortir de la 2° Guerre Mondiale et de la Shoa, et dans l'espérance de ne plus jamais revoir cela, les pays européens poussés par l'angleterre réfléchissent à une solution pour que les juifs ne soient plus apatrides et bénéficient d'un pays bien à eux.

L'Angleterre invente un concept "Une Terre Sans Peuple pour un Peuple Sans Terre" en pensant à la palestine alors colonie anglaise et sous mandat britanique.

C'était faire peu de cas des 1,2 millions d'arabes vivant sur cette terre. Ce n'était donc pas "une Terre Sans Peuple" et 70 après, le problème reste encore entier.

Posted on 12 Mar 2014 by PLM
by Caiya @ 05 Jul 2022 12:18 am
Of course you are right, Hamous.After forty years of liberal control of the education system and the mainstream media, we simply don’t have the numbers. Throw in the slow, relentless decline in church influence, the demographic changes and the departure of the Greatest Generation, we now have generations with no conservative frame of reference when they get around to engaging in politics.We used to be able to count on these institutions to at least give young people a basic framework of moral fiber, work ethic and an appreciation for American exscotipnaliem. No more. Now we have to begin from scratch with most of them.
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