Online researches


As an early bird, PLM Market Research developed its own online research tool : Panel Explorer Test® in September 2000



In June 2005, PLM Market Research patterned the brand name ECOCLIC®. The purpose of ECOCLIC® is to thank respondents not with a classic incentive, but with a gift given in their name to the foundation of their choice, usually in the field of ecology. This allows us to avoid the « Prime hunters » risk.



Again with the aim of the best quality of information, PLM Market carried in September 2005 a comparative test between 2 techniques ( face to face vs. online technique) for the same commercial over 200 respondents

Online or face to face polls?
The company PLM Market Research has decided to compare two researches for a single subject, one using the face to face technique, the other one using the online technique. The aim was to check whether these two techniques were leading to comparable results. « We started from a research which purpose was to measure the impact of a commercial. This research had been carried one year ago with traditional methods, with a TV screen in order to help respondents to see the commercial » explains Philippe Lespinet, chairman of the institute. A few years ago, the same questionnaire has been put online. Internauts were asked to have a look at the same commercial. The collected marks do not vary in a significant way. « Only some elements vary from one wave to another wave, but are many due to the ageing phenomenon » precise Philippe Lespinet.

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PLM Market Research can now provide qualitative researches using projective techniques using Internet as a tool for collecting information.

Indeed, our research institute, for the last 22 years, has always tried to associate qualitative techniques and quantitative techniques. Philippe Lespinet, HEC graduated, has been trained very early to the creative techniques by Guy Aznar, Jean Claude Wydow, Georges Sanerot and Michel Dumas. Moderating qualitative groups with the help of projective techniques has always been the core of business for Philippe Lespinet. But associating the advantages of these two approaches was still to be invent.

Again Philippe Lespinet did it when creating the Projective Folder Test® (patterned April 2nd 1988) taking in account the Herman Rorschach’s works, and his famous Blot-Test. Year after year, PLM Market Research managed to detect the in depth image of a logotype, a brand name, a packaging etc on a quantitative basis, but using pictures associating the image of a brand name, a logotype, a packaging etc on a large basis (n=200, 500 respondents or more). The association projective - quantitative was born.

In addition of traditional online researches (packaging test, satisfaction surveys, advertising tests…), PLM Market Research can now propose projective games that were only used during focus groups as:


- the Chinese portrait

- the inventor portrait

- the phile/phobe

- the planet game

- the funeral oration

- the cradle game

- etc